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Perhaps my most memorable family vacation was the one I took, with my wife and two children, to Europe in 2016.  We stopped at numerous picturesque and noteworthy locations.  Several of which I have photographs that will end up at art on this site.  This beautiful scene however, was completely unexpected and almost missed entirely.


We were fortunate enough to have local friends who lived in Belgium and who offered to show us around.  Their hospitality and generousity made us feel like visiting royalty.  We were treated to a "tour of Belgium" that could only possibly be given by locals.  The list of places we went to and experiencesthat they arranged specifically for us would be too numerous to list here.  Suffice to say that their hospitality truly made it a "trip of a lifetime" for us!


On the drive home from one of our "epic adventures" in Belgium, we were going to "pass by" this particular "castle" (Estate?).  There was some question as to whether or not to stop.  Our hosts weren't sure if we really had the time or would it be worth it.  It was just a "local castle" that had been converted into a golf course at some point, and (if I remember correctly) one of their sons was possibly going to get a job there.  Whether or not the job ever came through I don't honestly know, but this view of the "castle" was spectacular!


I had to slog my way through quite a bit of mud to get to this vantage point, but WOW, what a view!


If you ever have a chance to visit Belgium I would highly recommend you make the effort to go.  I know my whole family would agree that Belgium was the unexpected "jewel" of our 2016 Europe adventure!


Capture Date:  July 5, 2016 - 4:55 PM (Local Time)


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