“OK this one is an "oldie but a goodie”.  It also brings back some great memories.  I'll spare you the "long" story and give you the “skinny". 

I captured this back in 2005 while taking a cross country car trip with a friend (who has since passed on).  He had purchased a car in California and we were driving back to his home in Ohio.

We decided to go through the Rocky Mountains because neither of us had ever really experienced them.  After an amazing drive to the top of whatever pass we were going over (the car was a 3 series BMW - excellent for "mountain climbing") this glorious scene presented itself.  I insisted we stop so I could take a few pictures... Here you go!

Take a moment.  Breath deep.  Relax.  You should almost be able to smell the mountain air.”

Capture Date: November 10, 2005 - 4:08pm

“Rocky Mountain Highway” (Signed • Numbered • Limited Edition)

  • Somewhere between "here" and "there" in the Rocky Mountains - USA